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About The Brand

Ressence watches are characterized by their industrial design and rotating discs that replace the conventional horological hands. The brand’s motto, #BEYONDHANDS, expresses their signature spirit of humanity, universality, and proximity. Founder Benoît Mintiens brings his creative background in industrial design to fine-watchmaking, with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship.

At the heart of a Ressence watch is ROCS, the Ressence Orbital Convex System. Their patented 3 dimensional complication is the result of years of planning and pushing boundaries. The purpose of this design is a more efficient way of telling time—removing traditional hands to display information all on a single surface. With sub-dials that continually revolve, as does the main disc into which they are set, Ressence watch dials resemble moons in orbit around a planet.

One innovative feature that is unique to Ressence watches is they don’t have a crown. Manually set via a lever on its case back, the winding and setting mechanism is the sapphire case-back itself. Once set, the automatic winding rotor will take over to complete the winding while wearing the watch.

Modern Timepieces from Ressence


  • Type 1 Slim
    Comprised of 212 components, the Type 1 Slim is visually simple and complex. Effortlessly modern, the Type 1 Slim is 11mm thick and features a seemingly integrated strap, a modern evolution from the previous generation, Type 1.

  • Type 3
    At the front of horological and micromechanical innovation is Type 3 . Introduced in 2013, this model was the first ever oil-filled mechanical watch. This Ressence watch cancels the refraction of light as it moves from one substance to another through its upper half being filled with oil. The Type 3 results in a new sense of clarity, with greater performance efficiency as well.

  • Type 5
    Launched in 2015 as Ressence’s diving watch, the Type 5 was the first mechanical diver watch to be perfectly readable underwater regardless of the viewing angle. A traditional diver’s watch must be viewed straight on to be legible, whereas the Type 5’s dial is immersed in oil, canceling out any reflection.


Why Buy Pre-Owned Ressence Watches from WatchBox

Explore our spectrum of pre-owned luxury Ressence watches in exceptional condition. These timepieces are very distinct from anything else on the market, making the sought-after models in our collection hard to come by. Learn more about WatchBox’s  guaranteed authenticity and superior quality standards. Interested in learning more about Ressence? Watch our interview with the brand’s founder and visionary, Benoît Mintiens.