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About The Brand

Zenith is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers in the world, originally founded in 1865. Through the years, the brand has received over 2,300 awards for its precision, design, style, and elegance. These are some of the contributing factors that have attracted countless celebrity and sports superstars as brand ambassadors, such as Felix Baumgartner and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Additionally, this brand of pocket watch was once used by Mahatma Gandhi. Today, Zenith fans are clamoring for the Zenith and Pilot’s collections.

History of Zenith Watches

Zenith got its start in Le Locle, which is a municipality in the Canton of Neuchatel, by a man named Georges Favre-Jacot. He was only 22 when the brand was created, and at the time, it was called “Georges Favre-Jacot & Cie.” In 1865, most watches were made by combining various parts that were manufactured in small workshops or by artisans from remote locations in the region. This process was inefficient and put a limit on the precision achieved. Zenith did things differently from the start, manufacturing all components in-house. While pocket-watches were the focus of the company initially, by the early 1900s, the company moved into pendulum clocks and table clocks, and then finally flight and marine chronometers and wristwatches.

What Makes Zenith Watches So Appealing?

Overall, the brand is most well-known for making all of its components and movements in-house and is highly esteemed for the numerous groundbreaking technological achievements that are demonstrated in the over 300 patents held by the brand, as well as the exceptional quality of the timepieces.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Zenith Watches?

Zenith is a luxury watch brand that’s high-end pedigree, and autonomous spirit are seen in each piece created. Today, those interested in this brand should consider used Zenith watches. WatchBox offers a huge array of old and newer Zenith watches, providing customers with a more extensive selection to choose from.