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The 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty

3 Years of Coverage

How it works

Purchase coverage

Purchase your The 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty when you purchase your watch. Keep your receipt. It is necessary in the case of a claim as proof of purchase.


Wear worry-free

Enjoy your new watch with confidence knowing it’s protected from unexpected damage or malfunction.


Need it fixed?

Contact The 1916 Company or the Care Plan team to begin the process.

What's covered?

Movement Failure***

Crystal scratches or breaks

Case or bezel damage

Broken stem crown or clasp

Water damage to water-resistant watches

Refurbishment of metal bracelet

Strap replacement for rips or tears

Battery replacement

Shipping for repairs

Superior coverage

Includes damage to straps and bracelets, crystals, water damage, and much more.


Easy claims

Just call The 1916 Company or Jewelers Mutual to initiate a claim.


Coverage you can trust

Jewelers Mutual has been honoring and caring for watches and jewelry since 1913.

Care plan FAQs(12)

How long is my coverage?

The 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty provides peace of mind for three full years.

How much does the 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty cost?

The price of The 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty depends on the price paid for the watch.

How do I file a claim?

Contact The 1916 Company at 855-862-3164 or call the Care Plan team at 800-582-4916 for instructions on obtaining repairs or a replacement.

Will my item be repaired or replaced?

Your watch will be repaired. If your watch cannot be repaired, you will receive a replacement or store gift card good for the item’s purchase price, including tax, up to the remaining limit of liability.

I can’t find my receipt. Now what?

If you misplace your receipt, you may call the Care Plan team at 800-582-4916 to determine eligibility.

Can I purchase the 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty on a watch I am giving as a gift?

Yes. Give the receipt to the recipient, and coverage is transferred.

Does the WatchBox Extended Care Warranty cover loss and theft?

While the 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty provides peace of mind when your jewelry is damaged, it does not include coverage for loss and theft. To obtain these coverages, visit for insurance options.

Can I renew my coverage?

WatchBox Extended Care Warranties are non-renewable

About JM Care plan

At The 1916 Company we want you to enjoy your watch for years to come. If you damage your watch, the last thing you should worry about is how to fix it or the cost of repairs. You need a fast, easy-to-use care plan to get you wearing your watch again. Keep your watch looking like new and wear it worry-free with the 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty.* With the 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty, we'll keep your watches looking like new. The 1916 Company Extended Care Warranty includes the following coverage:*

*The care plan is provided by JM Care Plan, Inc. in all states, except in Florida and Oklahoma where JM Care Plan Services, Inc. is the provider.

**Exclusions and limitations apply. For specific plan details, please refer to your Terms and Conditions.

***Mechanism failure is typically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, unless the failure is due to impact. In cases of mechanism failure due to impact, the care plan will cover the cost of the repair.